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There are some SEO updates and SEO news. 2016 for SEO had proved to be full of roller coaster rides for internet marketing agencies. With the culmination of 2016, latest SEO strategies in 2017 have started appearing in the SEO industry. Techmagnate, as a responsible SEO agency, is hereby compiling all major SEO updates, techniques and strategies from 2017. These are some of the latest updates of SEO in 2017.

SEO tips

SEO Update 1 Checking that how much crowed is any store in real time with Google`s new “Crowd control”

Google has introduced a new additional feature as “crowd control” on Google maps, which enables to have a real-time look at the locations you are planning to visit. So, you will be able to decide where and when to go accordingly. This facility is applicable at your local restaurants, grocery store, pharmacy shop, supermarket, coffee shops, automobile servicing center, and many other places.

SEO update 2 Google unveils “visual sitelinks”.

After experimenting with image extensions in Adwords for a long time, Google has introduced the new feature in sitelink extensions, which is named as ‘visual sitelink’. In Google Ads sitelink extensions, now images will also appear along with the text. This feature will be spotted on mobile phones only in aswipeable carousel manner.

SEO Update 3 tips for ecommerce success

It seems no question will remain unanswered in 2017. When people at internet retail expo, come up with the question of how to do SEO for ecommerce sites, it was decently answered by an expert. It won`t be a question of the people at internet retail expo. Many have similar doubts in their mind. So, to clear all kinds of confusions, some permanent solutions have come into light.

SEO Update 4 SEO changing fast, how?

While researching latest SEO strategies and techniques that are influencing the search engine rankings of websites in the current scenario, it has been noticed that SEO is changing fast. It has almost revolutionized the entire phenomena. Content and user experience has been considered as the top most ranking trends. All different from what it`s today. Google has also given an indication as they are doing some water testing at present and some big changes are just around the corner.

These are some of the updates of search engine optimization news which gives us an idea about the techniques and strategies of SEO.